Pietra C. Wall

Pietra was raised in Torino, Italy, but remained close to her family’s native Sicily. Growing up in a region so diverse and historic gave her an early love of all things artistic and beautiful, as well as a deep appreciation of quality craftsmanship.

Pietra’s Celebration of Earth is her innovative tribute to the awe-inspiring, creative powers of fossils, crystals, gemstones, metals, woods, and minerals formed thousands and sometimes millions of years ago, whose unfathomable histories motivate Pietra to transform each element into an elegant and ingenious masterpiece. Through curiosity, exploration, and experimentation, Pietra has developed her own technique of hand-carving, sculpting, painting, firing, texturing, cutting, and crafting the woods, metals, and clays incorporated into each piece. Her earthly, yet contemporary pieces are created through many long hours of careful cutting, piecing and hand-carving, while paying considerable attention to detail and compositional arrangement.

Pietra has won many awards for her work at art festivals throughout the West, including “Best Artisan” at the Calgary Stampede, “Best of Show” at Art in Kayenta, “Best of Fine Art” at Colorado’s Castle Rock Artfest, “Featured Artist” at Fountain Hills Fine Art & Wine Affaire, “Best in Category” at the Tempe Festival of the Arts and “Best of Show” at the Whitefish Arts Festival.

19 x 19.5 Unframed $370 II