Lesley Harrison

Lesley Harrison’s equine, wildlife and domestic animal paintings can be found in private collections throughout the globe, known for their portrayal of the beauty and majesty of the natural world. Her forte in realism and surrealism, combined with the permanence and vibrancy of dry pastels –a notoriously difficult medium to master-- has granted Lesley a number of professional honors and awards for her technical excellence.

Lesley is an exclusive member of the Pastel Society of America and she is annually recognized and awarded by the Pastel Society of the West. A professional painter for 35 years, Lesley’s affinity for the animals that she paints and a strong command of her medium allows her to capture the spirit of each animal and to convey to each viewer its individuality, grace and strength. She sums up her experience: "I'm convinced that paintings that come from the heart can touch the heart of others. It's almost as though I become a source through which animals can be portrayed as an individual, each with a distinct personality. It doesn't matter if the animal is a cat, a wolf or a horse; I paint the ones that evoke an emotional response in me in the hope that I can pass that on to the viewer." Lesley hosts photography and painting workshops at her studio in Sutter Creek, California.

Acknowledged as one of the finest pastel artists in America, Lesley Harrison’s amazing equine and wildlife paintings have brought joy and happiness to animal lovers and art lovers throughout the world." - The Monterey Herald

16 x 20
It's a Big World Out There
20" x 16"