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Julie Edmunds

Colors and texture have always driven British mosaicist, Julie Edmunds. Known for her expertise in composition and versatility in working with multiple mediums, Julie began her career as an interior designer and textile designer after obtaining certification in both graphic design and surface design. Fascinated by the way color can influence our choices and affect our mood, Julie experimented with a vast array of colors and textures that allowed her to capture sentiment whiles creating movement and flow. As well, Julie’s work with chalk further enhanced her understanding of the numerous colors that could be formulated through overlaying and blending. Thus, working with glass was a natural progression for Julie in her pursuit of depth, vivid color, and layered designs. Julie’s vibrant mosaics are a visual splendor that encourage contemplation and invite the viewer to follow the labyrinth of intersecting paths, like meandering stepping stone. Each stone appears to be on a journey of its own, and yet is part of a larger, more magnificent creation – an attestation to Julie’s ingenuity in design. Her glass mosaics transform under various lighting or when viewed from different angles.

“When I start working on a piece in glass, it’s hard to have a vision of the final creation. I begin with an idea in my head but once it starts, the glass almost has a life of its own and I let the piece develop naturally. I love to incorporate different shades of a particular colour and submerge mediums within that colour to really bring it together.”

Julie has participated in group and solo exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom and in Sardinia, Italy. Her work has also been featured in O Rama Federation Alternative Fashion Magazine (2015), Hertfordshire Life Magazine (2018), and 1340 Art Magazine (2019). Julie has undertaken commissioned work in the United Kingdom, United States, and France and her art belongs to private collections throughout the UK as well as in Germany, New Zealand, Austria, France, and North America. Julie currently lives in a small village in Hertfordshire, England.

12 x 12

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