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Edward Michell

One of North America’s most unique and dynamic contemporary artists, Edward Michell paints with the “guts” of the land. His palette incorporates oil sands, Texas tar, Yukon gold, Nevada silver, and crushed diamonds from Tiffani owned Ekati Diamond Mine in Northern Canada. Each work of art requires 18 months of curing his multi-layered textures, washes, and glazes, and his natural paints are extracted from raspberries, blueberries, beets, leaves and grass. Edward’s unprecedented composition of natural elements results in stunning masterpieces, echoing the history of human expression while fusing ancient cave paintings with the Renaissance and the New World. Indeed, Edward’s dramatic abstracts display a mesmerizing richness that evokes the colorations and patinas of another era.

Highly sought after, Edward’s art was featured in a nationwide media promos tour in 2018 that resulted in seven commissions from some of the biggest museums in the country. With a four-year waiting list on commissioned work, art critics predict that Edward’s prices will “hit a 15-20-fold increase once the announcement of the museum commissions are released to the public.” Edward’s solo shows frequently sell out, and his work is acclaimed in North America, Europe and Asia.

Edward Michell Corporate Collections
Shell Canada
IMB, New York
Esso Resources
Microsoft, Kirkland Washington
Suncor Canada
The Getty Foundation, Los Angeles
Syncrude Canada
The Turner Foundation, Atlanta
The Disney Foundation
The Alberta Government
Petro Canada
The Leighton Foundation
Hyatt Hotels International
Time Warner
Bank of America, San Francisco
Wells Fargo, Los Angeles
Petro Canada
Nexen Chemicals
Deloitte & Touche
Paramount Pictures
Alberta Treasury Branch
The Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto
The Royal Bank
The University of Calgary
Shaw Cable
Baytex Energy Trust
Total E&P
Arctec Alloys Ltd.
Calfed California
Home Oil
CalFrac Well Services
Bennett Jones
Nova Chem
The International Hotel, Calgary
The American Foundation for the Arts, D.C.

Crushed Diamonds, Tar, Gold, Silver, Natural Paints
16 x 20

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