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Dillon Huang

Dillon (Ding-Chao) Huang is an award winning painter of impressionism, known for his outstanding technique and his ability to fuse his unique Eastern education in fine art with western ideas. Born in China in 1952, Huang graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Arts Education in 1973. When he was 30 years old, he immigrated to Canada, impassioned to further his technique in impressionism and aspiring to continue his education in the West. Subsequent to his schooling at Alberta College of Art and Design, Huang began showcasing his work in exclusive fine art galleries throughout western Canada. He was commissioned by Hayhurst Communications Alberta to design the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics Poster and was selected to participate in dozens of group and solo exhibitions in North America and China, as well as at Fung Ping Shan Museum in Hong Kong.

Huang believes that while the East taught him his techniques, it was the West that enhanced his creativity. Rooted in true impressionism and inspired by aspects of nature that are often unnoticed, Huang uses traditional mediums of oil on canvas or ink on rice paper to convey his understanding of innate beauty.

With work published in “The Encyclopedia of World Famous Chinese Artists,” Huang won the “Award of Excellence” in the Forte Cup 20th Century Asian Art Competition, where his selected work is now permanently on display at George Washington University. In 2016, Huang participated in the Salon Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils in Fort Wayne, Indiana and in 2017, Huang was invited to exhibit his work at the 26th National Juried exhibition of Traditional Oil in Cincinnati. Also in 2016 Huang was selected into the Top 100 by Southwest Art Magazine’s Artist Excellence Competition. In addition, he was awarded second place in the 2017 Landscape Category of the Annual Art Competition by The Artist Magazine. Huang is an esteemed member of the Oil painters of America and Federation of Canadian Artists.

“I am inspired by the life around me- the stillness, the awe and the beauty. With each brush stroke, I want to capture the feelings of what I’ve witnessed, so that others can share it with me.”

18" x 14"

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